Student Feedback

"Thank you for talking today at [school name]. I'm a junior and last year you talked to us and your story really stuck with me about the note you gave that girl. You inspired me to go out of my comfort zone and try and speak to someone and listen what they had to say. Really listen to them. Not just hear them. I was able to hear one of my friends story and she thanked me and told me I may have saved her life. I just thought you deserved to know that. BECAUSE OF YOU... I was able to save a life. You're incredible. Thank you. You changed my life. You made me realize who I want to be." - Student

"[My mom] gets around a lot 4 kids with 4 different guys and i started to allow myself to be like her. I was raped by my stepbrother countless times at age 9. Ivve allowed all these things to define my life. But you guys made me view life in a different life and i thank you for that. Ive made some bad decisions. But i will make sure i make things better. Thank you so much! Yes you truly are lifechanging." - Student