Suggested Donation

We are very passionate about offering this opportunity to as many students as possible, so there is no mandatory cost to the Hope Assembly Initiative coming to your school! Prices listed are suggested donation amounts for financially able schools. These donations help us continue to offer our nonprofit programs.

Ohio Region

Ohio: $1,000
Bordering States: $1,200
Midwest: $1,400

Other USA

Northeast: $1,500
South: $1,700
West: $2,000

Donation Discounts

Able to meet the suggested donation amount? We still want to save you money – to use on further programming for your students! We have identified ways to cut costs, which translate into savings for you!

Tour Date

$200 Discount – Hope Assemblies is planning multiple tour locations for 2014/2015. If you book your program on one of these designated tour dates, we ask you to remove $200 from the suggested donation!

Same Day

$200 Discount – Know another school within 20 miles that can benefit from a Hope Assembly program? If you can get them to book on the same day, we ask both schools to remove $200 from the suggested donation!


Hope Assemblies are made possible by the generosity of local businesses and organizations. We have crafted a great sponsor package so that businesses can partner with us in supporting you and your students.