RE/DEFINE is the second program in the Hope Assembly Initiative lineup and is available to schools who have hosted a When the Music Stops assembly.

RE/DEFINE is the groundbreaking follow up to When the Music Stops.

The Hope Assembly Initiative offers a follow-up program to When the Music Stops, titled Redefine. Utilizing new communication mediums, Redefine addresses the importance of character and integrity, and offers step-by-step action plans that students may take to overcome 1) the mistakes of their parents, 2) the mistakes of their past, and 3) the opinions of other people. Redefine aims to convey the importance of embracing a personal dream for who you’re becoming, as this lays a foundation for embracing positive, personal character traits. Redefine is highly creative in its delivery as it implements student story media, spoken word, panel discussions, and text communication. Redefine may be booked at any time following a When the Music Stops presentation.

Program Topics: personal integrity, character, self reflection, goal setting, and action.


RE/DEFINE is delivered through  multiple communication mediums. Here are a few presented in the program.

AI Intro
Speaking & Panel Discussion
Text Q's



RE/DEFINE is privileged to offer a diverse cast of youth professionals, poets, and justice activists. Here are a few of our Ohio touring team. Cast and artistic talent may vary by program date & location.

Brandon Kightlinger Profile Image

Brandon Kightlinger

Creator / Speaker

Brandon is a youth professional and the creator of the Hope Assembly Initiative.

Gino Haynes Profile Image

Gino Haynes

Musical Artist

Gino is a professional recording artist based out of Akron, Ohio.

Isaac Middleton Profile Image

Isaac Middleton


Isaac is a speaker with over 10 years of professional youth worker experience.

Nate Slaughter Profile Image

Nate Slaughter


Nate (aka. Nate Deezy) is a professional recording artist based out of NE Ohio.

Bre Buxton Profile Image

Bre Buxton


Bre is children’s professional and current student at the University of Akron.

Bryson Davis Profile Image

Bryson Davis


Bryson is a justice professional and master of Public Health from Kent State University.

Shelby Slaughter Profile Image

Shelby Slaughter


Shelby works within the finance sector and is a wife to Nate and a mother to Leland.

Joey Schweitzer Profile Image

Joey Schweitzer


Joey is a professional dubstep/electronic DJ and university student.



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