Ohio | March 6-16, 2017
Los Angeles, CA | Spring 2017
Florida | January 2017
Nagaland, India | TBD


Available Programs

The Hope Assembly Initiative currently offers 3 full assembly programs plus a customized assembly for less mature middle school audiences.

Each Hope Assembly program utilizes unique, culturally relevant communication mediums to connect with students of all backgrounds.

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Assembly Run-Time

Programs are crafted to be 1 hour in length. With this time frame we can maximize student engagement through a concert experience.

If your available time slot is less than one hour, we can customize the program specifically for you! We've done programs for 1 hr, 40 minutes, 20 minutes... Whatever we can do to serve you!

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Program Cost

Hope Assembly programs begin at $1,000, with discounts available for programs booked within the designated tour dates and for regional schools who partner to bring in the program on the same day.

For schools without program funding, further discounts and waved fees are available, as well!

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Available Booking Dates

Hope Assemblies can be booked year round! In order to maximize our schedule, we have set dates to visit certain regions.

Discounts are available to schools who book Hope Assemblies within the designated tour dates; however, Hope Assemblies are more than willing to visit your school outside of the specified dates.

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Hope Assembly Initiative


I had students flooding my office for weeks to talk about the program, how they could relate, and how it inspired them to persevere through their challenges and be a world changer for those around them.

  • I am planning on having this program return to our school every year, and highly recommend that every school take this opportunity to benefit their students who so greatly need a message like this.

    Emily Buehrle
    Emily Buehrle
    Counselor / STVM